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Available March 12, 2013

Hello, lovely readers, and thanks for visiting my website!  Hopefully you’ve stopped by because you’ve read one of my books, or would like to (please do!), or because you were looking for one of my pseudonyms (Tamara Summers? Heather Williams?) and now you’re wondering who I am.  Or maybe because you saw me on Jeopardy! a few years ago!  :-)  I write under several different names, so I hope you’ll click around the website to find all my booksrelated sites, FAQs, and my very rambly TV- and baby-obsessed blog.

My most recent projects are a trilogy called The Menagerie which I wrote with my sister, and my big epic five-book dragon series Wings of Fire, which has a thrilling TRAILER!, so I hope you’ll check that excitement out.  :-)  And then carry on to find out more about Wings of Fire book one and book two, read the Prophecy, or view the awesome map of The World of Pyrrhia – and don’t forget to check out Scholastic’s great site for a Which Dragonet Are You? quiz.

The amazing Wings of Fire artwork throughout this site (apart from the map) was done by Joy Ang, and it’s kind of the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Joy!

And a million thank yous to Beth at Cincinnati Media, who made this shiny website possible with her speed and brilliance. Yay Beth!

Art by Joy Ang

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Into the Wild Blue Yonder, i.e. Michigan / Wisconsin

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post before I get on a plane today to remind you all that I’m going to be in MICHIGAN! on WEDNESDAY! doing a bunch of school visits and a thrilling BARNES AND NOBLE EVENT which I hope some of you Michigan FanWings can come to!  Wednesday, October 7th!  At 6pm!  At the Livonia Barnes & Noble, 17111 Haggerty Rd., Northville, Michigan.  I’ll be reading from Book Eight!  Ooooo, please come join me!  :)

And then on SATURDAY I’ll be in WISCONSIN! for the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival, as I’ve already mentioned and am so so excited about.  I can’t wait to meet all the other amazing authors and illustrators — and hopefully see some of you guys there!

Of course, I’m not the only author on tour right now, so last week I put on my fangirl/mom hat and took my little ones to see one of THEIR favorite authors, Sarah Mlynowski!  She writes the Whatever After books that my older bear loves so much, and she has a brand new book that looks insanely adorable, which she co-wrote with Emily Jenkins and Lauren Myracle.


We managed to catch her at one of my favorite bookstores, the Blue Bunny in Dedham…

Me and Sarah!  Yay!  (Where are the bears, you might ask?  Running WILD in the bookstore, their most favorite habitat…)

Or, more appropriately, here we are upside down!!  :)

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It was so much fun to see her, and she’s still on tour (as are Emily and Lauren), so if you can’t catch me this week, maybe you can find one of them instead!

All right, I’d better go finish packing!  I have chosen all the books I’m going to bring to read on the planes, but I still have no idea what I’m going to wear.  Because priorities.  :)

Hopefully see some of you soon!  Yay Michigan and Wisconsin!!

What We’re Reading:
Me:  Shadows, by Robin McKinley, and The Whale Rider, by Witi Ihimaera

With both bears:  Upside-Down Magic, of course!  :)

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