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Available March 12, 2013

Hello, lovely readers, and thanks for visiting my website!  Hopefully you’ve stopped by because you’ve read one of my books, or would like to (please do!), or because you were looking for one of my pseudonyms (Tamara Summers? Heather Williams?) and now you’re wondering who I am.  Or maybe because you saw me on Jeopardy! a few years ago!  :-)  I write under several different names, so I hope you’ll click around the website to find all my booksrelated sites, FAQs, and my very rambly TV- and baby-obsessed blog.

My most recent projects are a trilogy called The Menagerie which I wrote with my sister, and my big epic five-book dragon series Wings of Fire, which has a thrilling TRAILER!, so I hope you’ll check that excitement out.  :-)  And then carry on to find out more about Wings of Fire book one and book two, read the Prophecy, or view the awesome map of The World of Pyrrhia – and don’t forget to check out Scholastic’s great site for a Which Dragonet Are You? quiz.

The amazing Wings of Fire artwork throughout this site (apart from the map) was done by Joy Ang, and it’s kind of the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Joy!

And a million thank yous to Beth at Cincinnati Media, who made this shiny website possible with her speed and brilliance. Yay Beth!

Art by Joy Ang

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Winter Is Coming (And He’s SO Handsome!)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I am excited for 2015 — are you?  Our resolution is to organize our house (tiny hooligans will not thwart us!), and I am super-thrilled about all the Wings of Fire action coming up this year . . . including BOOK 7: Winter Turning!!!!!:

Isn’t Winter the IceWing just glorious?  You can see why Kinkajou instantly has a crush on him, can’t you?  :)  And behold his beautiful kingdom:

This might be my favorite cover yet (I mean . . . NARWHALS!!!).  And the book is really all written now, so I can start dropping sinister hints about it soon!

In other incredible news, iBooks chose Wings of Fire as a featured series, so there’s an amazing promotion going on over there right now where the first two books are only $3.99 each!  So very cool of them!  If you’d know anyone who might like reading these as e-books, let them know!  :)

Also, with the release of book 6, Wings of Fire is back on the New York Times bestseller list — for two weeks in a row now, which is so mind-boggling and wonderful — thank you so much, FanWings!  I adore you!

More soon, here and on the forums!  :)

What We’re Reading:
Me: Organizing from the Inside Out, by Julie Morgenstern (watch out, house, here I come!) and Belzhar, by Meg Wolitzer

The bears:  Between the two boys and me, there is a lot of superhero obsession in this house (whereas I’m not sure poor Adam could tell you Iron Man’s real name).  (The four-year-old has informed me that he goes to Daddy with “science questions” but that I know the most about “character stuff,” which sounds about right!)  So one of the most popular series with both of them is the Marvel/Disney “Origin Stories” for kids.  These are big illustrated storybooks about all the superheroes – The Invincible Iron Man or The Amazing Spider-Man or The Courageous Captain America — and they’re such a fun starting point for my future sci-fi geeks (mwa ha ha), plus I actually don’t mind reading them over and over.  :)

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